Your brand

Put your brand first.

We want you to shine, so all marketing materials should highlight the look, feel, and voice of your brand. We encourage you to use the Buy with Prime badge to instill confidence among clients that they can offer a familiar Prime shopping experience on their ecommerce site. However, you should use your own brand and voice and not try to sound like Amazon.

Preserve customer trust.

All marketing claims associated with Buy with Prime should be honest, straightforward, and only related to fast, free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and easy returns. Make sure that customers are not misled, intentionally or otherwise; no “bait and switch,” hidden conditions, or allusion to offering other Prime benefits.

Depict your relationship accurately.

Only use the Buy with Prime badge in your brand messaging. The Buy with Prime badge is different from other Amazon or Prime brand elements. Do not incorporate Amazon or Prime visual brand elements into your site, materials, or client communications. Use of visual brand elements like the Amazon logo, Prime Checkmark logo, Prime Smile logo, or any Amazon- or Prime-related imagery is strictly forbidden. (Refer to the Buy with Prime badge vs Prime logos section in the Buy with Prime Merchant Brand Guidelines for more details.)