What are best practices I need to follow?

We don’t require you to sell a specific selection through Buy with Prime, but you must either drive traffic to a Buy with Prime product detail page or have clear ingress points that make it easy for Prime members to find products that offer Buy with Prime. When landing on your ecommerce site, products that offer Buy with Prime items should not be more than one click away.

Can I use traditional advertising channels, such as print, TV, OOH, or packaging to advertise Buy with Prime?

If you would like to use the Buy with Prime badge in any traditional media channels, please speak to your sales representative for guidance on how to obtain the necessary approval.

Are there any guidelines for press releases?

You aren't permitted to issue press releases about Buy with Prime. If there's a need for an official Buy with Prime communication to customers, our team will assist you in creating a press release format. Please reach out to your sales representative for more information.

My team doesn’t want to follow these guidelines. Can we get an exception?

No. These guidelines apply to all Buy with Prime merchants and are in place to provide the best experience for Prime members.

What happens if my marketing fails to comply with the guidelines?

Strict compliance with these guidelines is required at all times. We reserve the right to revoke your permission to use the Buy with Prime badge and to participate in the Buy with Prime program if these guidelines are not met.

Can I use the Prime Smile logo and Prime Checkmark logo that Amazon adds to my store through an API on other marketing materials?

No. The Prime Smile logo and Prime Checkmark logo will have a designated placement assigned to your ecommerce site through the approved applications. Use of these brand elements outside of this placement is prohibited.

When can I start advertising Buy with Prime for my products?

Once your Buy with Prime selection is live and available for fast, free delivery and free returns on eligible items, you can start advertising.

How should I respond to media inquiries?

Any media inquiries regarding Amazon, Amazon Prime, or Buy with Prime should be directed to Amazon PR at [email protected].

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