Customer feedback

How to discover customer experience opportunities on your own website

The best way to understand how to provide a good user experience on your website is to get feedback directly from customers. These guidelines offer a starting point for what customers care about, but your website is unique and your customer experience challenges will be unique as well. To understand more on how to improve your website, get feedback and data from your customers directly.

Tools for understanding customers

  1. Clickstream Data Analysis: Get information using a clickstream data analysis tool on where your shoppers are clicking, how long they are staying on a page and where they drop off in their purchase experience.
  2. Usability testing: Use online tools like to get feedback from live customers on your website experience.
  3. Heat map software: A website heat map can help you understand how customers are interacting with individual website pages on your e-commerce site. For example, are they viewing important content? Are they interacting with the pages main elements like links and buttons?
  4. Baymard Guidelines: Read through UI specific recommendations from sites like Baymard, which have distilled 110,000+ hours of large scale e-commerce UX into 660 UI guidelines.

What’s Next

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