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A good customer experience is more than what we show on a screen. We have to consider how a shopper interacts with the business and brand as a whole, including how we give them help and confidence if something goes wrong with their order.

Prime members Shoppers must be Prime members or have the ability to sign up to be a Prime member in order to purchase using Buy with Prime.

Prime delivery promise An accurate delivery promise (e.g., Get it Fri, Oct 4) is displayed with items that are eligible for Prime delivery benefits.

Buy with Prime branding (e.g., logo/button/badge) The appropriate Buy with Prime badge and brand colors are used so shoppers can easily recognize the Buy with Prime shopping experience. Learn more by reviewing the Buy with Prime Merchant Brand Guidelines.

Prime membership support All forms of Prime memberships (including free trials) are supported.

Amazon Pay wallet To make a purchase with Buy with Prime, shoppers use their Amazon Pay wallet and default to their saved shipping information and payment methods from their Amazon account. This saves steps for shoppers and offers them the checkout experience to which they are accustomed to.

Fast, free delivery through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Offer shoppers a Prime delivery experience by fulfilling your Buy with Prime orders using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for 1-day and 2-day shipping. This ensures we can deliver Buy with Prime orders with fast delivery that millions of Prime members know.

Delivery notifications Shoppers receive automated email notifications when the order is confirmed, shipped, and delivered. In case of order delays, shoppers receive an order delayed notification.

Returns Buy with Prime allows shoppers to initiate automated returns for eligible products. Shoppers can request to return eligible products during the applicable return window. You must follow the Prime returns policy found at About Our Returns Policies for purchases made through Buy with Prime and incorporate it into your existing policies.

Order management on Amazon Prime members can see their orders within the Amazon Pay tab on their Amazon account.

Refunds Refunds are processed at first-scan for eligible shoppers.

Customer support Buy with Prime Assist provides 24/7 customer service to your customers through live chat. Customers get help through the “Get support” button on their order detail and tracking pages. Buy with Prime Assist covers all fulfillment and return issues while still giving them an option to contact your business email directly for questions about your brand or products. You can also see customer data on reasons why customers need help and more by contacting Merchant Support. You’re automatically opted in to Assist and can opt out at any time. If you choose to opt out, we’ll direct all customer issues to your business email, and you’ll be responsible for providing support for Buy with Prime orders. If your customer issues aren’t resolved, they can file a claim through Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee to get a refund. Amazon will reimburse you for eligible refunds.

Sign up for Prime A Prime sign-up screen will be shown and allow non-members to sign up for a Prime membership. If they have an existing Amazon account, they can authenticate through the sign up flow or create a new Amazon account. If a shopper has not used their free trial yet for Prime, a free trial is offered.

Design for all All Buy with Prime experiences should meet AA WCAG accessibility standards so they can be enjoyed by all customers.

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