Buy with Prime signposts

Signposts are the traffic lights, speed limit signs, and lane dividers that let shoppers journey safely and easily through Buy with Prime experiences so they know what to expect. When Buy with Prime signposts are consistent and predictable, shoppers can focus on what matters. The following signposts are required to deliver the Prime experience outside


Learn how to let shoppers know you offer Buy with Prime with our Buy with Prime Merchant Brand Guidelines

Buy with Prime button

Example of a Buy with Prime button

Buy with Prime button example

Second example of Buy with Prime button

Buy with Prime widget example

Shoppers use the Buy with Prime button to make a purchase using their Prime benefits. The Buy with Prime button has a button option and a widget option. The button leads to a purchase workflow, and should never be used for other actions like directing to a product page.

Prime delivery promise

Example of a Prime delivery promise
The Prime delivery promise is the expected delivery date for items purchased using Buy with Prime.

Returns message

Example of a free returns message on a checkout page
Items that are eligible for returns are indicated by showing a “FREE Delivery & Returns” message. When an item is not eligible for return, it just states “FREE Delivery”.

Learn more

Example of a modal that pops up that tells shoppers more about the Buy with Prime program
From the Buy with Prime button, shoppers can tap on learn more to get more details about the program. This opens a pop-up within the context of the website so shoppers can understand the Buy with Prime program without having to navigate elsewhere.

Reviews from Amazon (recommended, not required)

Example of what Reviews from Amazon looks like
Reviews from Amazon provides social proof to build confidence with shoppers purchasing on your site.

Buy with Prime badge

Example of the Buy with Prime badge
The Buy with Prime badge should be used to let shoppers know you offer Buy with Prime on your site. Learn how to best utilize the Buy with Prime badge and other marketing materials in the Buy with Prime Merchant Brand Guidelines.