Sign up for Prime membership

New Prime members

If a shopper expresses interest in Buy with Prime by selecting the Buy with Prime button, but is not yet a Prime member, we direct shoppers to sign up for a Prime membership with a trial to get free delivery & returns on their purchase.

Example of Prime membership sign up screen.

Why this is important

Since a Prime membership is required to make purchases using Buy with Prime, this gives shoppers a way to move forward with their Buy with Prime purchase and get the benefits of fast, free delivery and easy returns on eligible items.

Shopper goals this supports

  1. Learn more about a brand
  2. Know I am getting a good deal
  3. Understand their return and product coverage options
  4. Make it convenient to get their product

Shopper journey

The blue dot indicates where this component is used in the shopper journey.

Shopper journey indicating that signing up for a prime membership takes place during the lay of the land, deeper dive and compare stages.

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