Reviews from Amazon

Build shopper confidence in potential purchases by displaying Reviews from Amazon (RfA) on your site.

Why this is important

Reviews are a critical part of shoppers' understanding of whether or not they can trust products. Shoppers value hearing from other real shoppers if products have worked for them and met expectations. This helps establish trust and provides clarity on if a product will meet their needs before buying. Reviews also help shoppers identify product info not covered in the product description.

“Online you never really know if people are being truthful - however the fact that the reviews themselves come from Amazon makes me feel they’re more legit.“ - Prime member

“I don’t ever buy anything without reading at least a few of the reviews. I use rating as a starting point. The biggest concern I would have is how much these partner sites were vetted. Especially if I don’t have reviews to go off of. I want the same quality of service and product from Amazon on these sites.” - Prime member

Shopper goals this supports

  1. Learn about the product from people like them
  2. Know a product is as good as it is described

Shopper journey

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