Buy with Prime Partner Brand Guidelines


Thank you for using your expertise to help merchants integrate Buy with Prime with their ecommerce businesses. This document guides you through the correct use of the Buy with Prime brand and requirements for using the Buy with Prime badge, along with approved messaging that you can leverage when communicating with existing and prospective Buy with Prime merchants. Following these guidelines can help you communicate your expertise to existing merchants and prospective clients. We dig into detailed guidelines in the subsequent sections, but the following are a starting point toward ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Please note that your use of the term “Buy with Prime Partner” in your promotional or marketing materials is contingent upon your adherence to the Buy with Prime Partner Program Terms and Buy with Prime Trademark License.


What this document covers

These guidelines are intended to help Buy with Prime Partners create written and visual messaging about Buy with Prime. This includes guidance on how to align to the Buy with Prime brand and requirements for using the Buy with Prime badge. Our goal is to set up Buy with Prime Partners for success when marketing their services and expertise related to Buy with Prime in client-facing assets, such as email, social media posts, pitch documents, website pages, or other marketing materials.


What this document doesn’t cover

The Buy with Prime badge is the only brand asset partners can integrate into their marketing, and as such, this document does not provide guidance on using visual Amazon or Prime brand elements, encouraging Prime signups, or promoting other Prime benefits. This document does not provide specific guidance on branding in non-digital media, such as print, TV, out-of-home advertising. And because Buy with Prime Partners cannot issue press releases about Buy with Prime except with our express written permission and instruction, we don’t offer guidance about press releases.

What’s Next