The default view is the standard way of showing Amazon reviews that shoppers trust and find familiar on Optionally, you can customize the default view to make Reviews from Amazon feel like it’s an integrated part of your experience.

Allowed customizations include: 1) preset; 2) corner-radius; 3) fonts; 4) rating star sizes; 5) button and link colors; 6) button border; and 7) transparent background.

Aspects like review text colors, logo, and star colors aren’t customizable to protect the shopper experience. By keeping core elements of Amazon reviews the same for shoppers across sites, it: 1) guides shoppers what to look for, making it easier for them to use and interact with the feature wherever they shop; and 2) helps maintain shopper confidence and trust in reviews, as this is a Reviews from Amazon experience.


Select a preset that best corresponds with your page background color. If your page has a light background color, select light mode. If your page has a dark background color, select dark mode.

You can choose a transparent background to fit within your current page color. When choosing this option, make sure that the text has clear contrast with the background color for accessibility.

Styles and Layout

Select a font that best matches your site’s font. We offer a limited number of fonts to gain shopper trust and maintain brand recognition in reviews. Because reviews are a text-heavy experience, it’s crucial to choose a font from what is offered so that shoppers can trust the reviews.

Rating star size
Select a rating star size that best fits your site. If you have another ratings widget on the page, make sure that the two ratings widgets have similar sizes.

Transparent background
Make Reviews from Amazon feel more integrated on your site by selecting a transparent background. When choosing this background, make sure that the text is still legible and accessible. See accessibility.

Button and link colors
Select an accent color that best matches the color of buttons and links on your site. Make sure that the link color is readable and accessible.

What’s Next