A good placement ensures that Reviews from Amazon is discoverable for shoppers. Place Reviews from Amazon on a background color with clear color contrast.

Ratings widget: Position the ratings widget prominently on the product detail page, ideally below the product title to catch shoppers’ attention.

To display another ratings widget from a different review source, place the Reviews from Amazon ratings widget in close proximity (top and bottom) to the other ratings widget to help shoppers recognize and compare the two ratings at a glance.

Reviews widget: Place the reviews widget below the product description, where shoppers expect to find them. It’s a best practice to place the widget in full-width, not in a side panel, to make it easy for shoppers to read and browse photo reviews on desktop.

It’s a best practice to display Reviews from Amazon first, before other reviews widgets. While shoppers appreciate seeing reviews from multiple sources, Reviews from Amazon displays product ratings and reviews that shoppers trust and find familiar on

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