Prime Delivery Promise

The Prime delivery promise is the expected delivery date for items purchased using Buy with Prime. This is featured on the product and checkout pages.

If a Prime member is not authenticated on a page, the Prime delivery promise states “Get it as soon as [Date].” Once the Prime member is signed in within the checkout workflow, a more specific date is provided without appending “Get it as soon as.”

Product detail page showing two variations of the Prime delivery promise

Prime delivery promise on the product page

Why is this important?

The Prime delivery promise is critical for Buy with Prime shoppers to understand when they will receive the item and make an informed decision on how to make their purchase. It also builds shopper confidence their order will get to them on time.

“I love that. The Prime logo and the date. I trust that date, it’s really cool.” - Prime member

“The money I have saved in shipping in the past two months with Amazon Prime is phenomenal. And the fast shipping. If stores link up with Amazon Prime to offer that, those are the stores I am going to shop at.” - Prime member

Shopper goals this supports

  1. Understand their return and product coverage options
  2. Make it convenient to get their product

Shopper journey

The blue dot indicates where this component is used in the shopper journey.

Shopper online purchase journey, showing that the prime delivery promise is part of the compare and purchase stages

Do's and don'ts


Use delivery promise messaging provided directly from Amazon to ensure you're offering an experience Prime members know and love.


Lay out your page so that it's clear the Prime promise only applies to Buy with Prime and not other purchase options.


Help shoppers understand the other delivery options available on your site for comparison with Buy with Prime.



Modify the Prime delivery promise language.

What’s Next