General copy and imagery guidelines

While your marketing should look and sound like it’s coming from you, there are specific copy requirements to follow when creating messaging about Buy with Prime.



  • Do always write “Buy with Prime,” “Amazon Prime,” and “Amazon Prime members” in full; never write “Prime” on its own.
  • Do state that Buy with Prime is a new way for merchants to grow their ecommerce business.
  • Do state that merchants can offer the Prime shopping benefits of fast, free shipping, easy returns and a seamless checkout, on their ecommerce stores.
  • When writing about Buy with Prime benefits do only use preapproved copy from Ready-to-use copy section of these guidelines.
  • You may change calls to action or other parts of the copy that aren’t related to the Buy with Prime benefits.
  • Do use your own brand voice and brand imagery.
  • Do include the Buy with Prime badge clearly in your communication. The Buy with Prime badge should be no smaller than 80 px.
  • Do lead traffic to a page where your Buy with Prime expertise is clearly stated.
  • Do follow the Amazon Trademark Usage Guidelines.



  • Don't use the terms “membership,” “subscription,” or “customers.” “Amazon Prime members” is the correct way to refer to shoppers who hold Amazon Prime memberships, but remember to always keep “members” lowercase and do not call them “Amazon Prime customers.”
  • Don't use “Prime” on its own when referring to Buy with Prime, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime members.
  • Don't use “Buy with Prime” as a verb.
  • Don't use “Buy with Prime” in the possessive ("Buy with Prime's").
  • Don't refer to Buy with Prime as “Amazon’s Buy with Prime” or “Amazon Buy with Prime.”
  • Don't refer to Buy with Prime as Prime “off Amazon;” instead, use phrasing like “Prime in more places” or “Prime on sites beyond Amazon.”
  • Don't use the Buy with Prime badge in copy.
  • Don't use the abbreviation "BwP"; always spell out Buy with Prime in full.
  • Don't imply Same-Day Delivery is available or reference any specific delivery speed (e.g., 1-day or 2-day).
  • Don’t refer to any other Prime shopping benefits beyond fast, free shipping, easy returns and seamless checkout.
  • Don't imply partnership, sponsorship, or association with Amazon.
  • Don't address Prime members directly in an email heading, greeting, subject, or on your site (for example: Dear Prime members).